ASUS ROG Swift PG278Q Full Review 2019 Buyer’s Guide

ASUS ROG Swift PG278Q Review 2019

We’ve got another ASUS ROG Swift PG278Q monitor, and we’ve got Republic of Gamers branded. Compared with the Designo curve we discussed in the previous entry, performance is a priority over style, something that is surely appreciated by the hardcore gamer. The ROG Swift PG278Q, a remarkable 2 K monitor designed for the smoothest and best gaming experience, is the particular model in question. You can also check out the reviews about¬†Logitech G930 .


1. Display

Thanks to its native 2 K resolution, the monitor can display incredibly sharp images. It’s not stopping, though. It also includes G-Sync technology from Nvidia, a more advanced alternative to the regular V-sync. It removes screen tearing at refresh rates of up to 240 Hz at no FPS loss, although ” only ” 144 Hz are refreshed by this monitor. In addition, the reaction time is as low as 1 ms. This is all part of a clear, fluid-free picture ideal for fast-moving games. The PG278Q also uses Asus ‘ own EyeCare technology as a cherry on top. This reduces the eye strain by filtering out harmful blue light and ensuring that backlight is flicker-free.

2. Connectivity

The 4 ports in the PG278Q are two inputs and two outputs. DisplayPort 1.2 is the most important way of connecting to your computer, but there is also one upstream USB 3.0 port, in addition to the two downstream port. This is evidently intended primarily for connection to a GPU desktop. This kind of connectivity is therefore very sufficient for PC players, but the absence of an HDMI port is an important deal breaker for console fans.

Additional features

  • Fully adjustable screen

The monitor can be set up exactly according to the user’s requirements with swivel, pivot, height and tilt adjustments.

  • VESA wall mounting

The monitor is also fitted with a mounting capacity of 100 bis100 VESA. Of course, if you want to save desk space, you will certainly appreciate this.


  • No 4K support

This is a slight downside, mainly because today there are few GPUs that are truly 4K. As such, all the monitor capabilities can be used by only the high- level gaming PCs. Although a 2 K resolution makes it much more accessible, the future- proof department surely lacks this.

  • Limited connectivity

While the single DisplayPort is quite adequate for a desktop PC, since every modern GPU has one or more, it won’t allow a user to connect with its monitor for multiple gaming systems ASUS ROG Swift PG278Q.¬†Rose Day Images 2019

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