Logitech G930 Full Review 2019 Buyer’s Guide

Logitech G930 Review 2019

Headsets are exponentially difficult to distinguish themselves in an ever-inundated market. However, wireless is one way because it is relatively small in the number of viable wireless headsets. Under the everyday care of gaming cans, users can find a headset to suit their needs, regardless of price point and features. Here, we’ll see Logitech’s wireless offering G930. We are looking at the quality construction of Logitech G930 and the implementation of its Logitech Gaming Software companion interface. Furthermore, features, ergonomics, and performance will be discussed. Compared to nearby competitors we will also weigh the value. You can also check out the review about ASUS ROG Swift PG278Q.

Headsets are somewhat difficult to evaluate, like other devices and accessories— subjectivity tends to dominate, and headsets certainly are full of nuances subject to preference. While some of the contexts of the report can be struck by some bias, it is a well-informed analysis in which readers can hopefully decide whether the G930 is the right one for them.


Connection Wireless USB
Drivers 40mm
Headphone Frequency 20Hz – 20KHz
Microphone Frequency 50 – 20 KHz
Volume 124.7 dBA
Impedance 32 Ohms
Sound Channels 7.1 Surround
Warranty 2-year
Battery Up to 10 hours


The Logitech G930, which stands in step above his wired cousin, the G430, is a wireless games headset. They have many similar features, such as a rotating omnidirectional microphone, and a volume button attached to circumaural coupling, that is standard on game heads. They also pivot and are fixed to an adjustable headband. In addition to the volume button, there are a few more buttons in the earcups. The left pin is also fitted with an on / off switch, a sound button, and three programmable buttons. These buttons can be programmed to do many things, such as skipping paths.


In the first place, wireless headsets must be playback without latency. The G930 is excelling, easy set-up and legless playing. We’re glad to report. Also, no drops or disconnections were experienced. The G930 can also deliver 40 ft of wireless audio, but it may be seen by many. The range will have the influence of any interferences in this airspace or obstacles like walls and doors, like any wireless headsets using a 2.4Ghz wireless band. Overall, the G930 can work from any battle station comfortably. Valentine Day Week List 2019


Every pc accessory company has own software today that interfaces better or worse with their respective peripherals. Many of these programmes, such as unintuitive users or bloated installations, tend to have an annoying tenant. Logitech Gaming Software offers user experience without frustration for the most part. It hits you with notices when you connect a USB peripheral to the software install, but once installed, the software is still uncomfortable. It uses a clean and readable interface not to be told about all of its kind of programs.

Logitech Gaming Software allows users to create profiles for games, like all modern mice, keyboards and headsets. You can even scan the program for games on your PC and make profiles for them automatically. The program can also program the 3 onboard buttons for various commands regardless of whether it’s in-game macros or music scanning. There is also a headset equalizer, although there are no presets. When Is Valentine’s Day 2019

Value and Conclusion

The G930 has the highest performance with Corsair’s Void Pro Wireless compared to the $80–$100 headsets. They both use the same drivers and components and offer a battery life of 7.1 wireless. The G930 is a good choice if you’re already invested in the Logitech ecosystem. The quality of the building and the performance of games are good enough, but they won’t sit audiophiles. These wireless headsets are entry-level for $100 or less. You’d have to go up to $150, probably one of the best game headsets in the SteelSeries Arctic 7 class. That says the Logitech G930 is a value-for-money, comfortable, sound-good, acceptable headsets. Valentines Week 2019

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