Samsung C43J890 Full Review 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

Samsung C43J890 Review 2019

There has been a shift over the last several years to having an ultra large monitor with multiple standard sizes. On most GPUs, this is a bit easier and usually better for those without plenty of desk space who still want to work or play with multiple windows. But what if a different option existed? Even beyond the wider world? And… an Ultrawide Super? Enter the C43J890 from Samsung. This 43 ” wide monitor is ideal for those who wish, without multiple displays, to run two or three windows at once. Samsung’s model C49J890 49 ” is a smaller version of the C43J890. You can also check out Reviews about AKiTiO Node.

It manages to deliver slightly more performance over the 49 ” model due to its smaller panel size. Instead of the 32:09 standard, the C43J890 gives you a higher rate of 120Hz and a 32:10% appearance. Let’s discuss specs. Let’s talk specs. So what is that all about? Take a more profound look.

Design and Dimensions

There are numerous connectivity options for the monitor, such as HDMI 2.0 port, DisplayPort 1.2, two USB 3.0 slots, two C type USB ports and 2 3.5 mm audio boxes, to add dualized 5-watt speakers to your device. A total of 100W is produced by USB ports that keep all things easy on your desk. Amazingly adjustable is the monitor with a height adjustment of 120 mm, a tilt adjustment of -2/17 degrees and a 15 degrees left/right swivel. It also has a standard VESA mount 100×100 mm on the back that can be mounted on the wall or mounted on a swing arm.

The almost bezelless 3840 TV panel, which is designed for 1,200 VA, follows a 1800R curve that covers your peripherals and gives you an immersive experience whether gamers, videos or streams, or just multiple windows. Due to the dimensions and resolution of the display, there are two monitors in the 22 ” range with a range of 1920 to 1200 but with no bezels or interruptions in one screen. If you’re used to dual monitoring but want something better for cinema or gaming, that could be your option.

Image Panel Quality

Because it uses something that is a VA panel that is more or less optimized for minimal fantasy (the main concern with these monitor panels). It gives you a black and dark tone of incredibly high quality. One note for players is that the time for the answer is relatively slow for things like competing FPS 5ms, but for a monitor of this size and resolution, this is not bad at all. You’ll be all right for single player games or casual players.

Other Features

Including image-in-image mode, the C43J890 enables multiple devices including smartphones, desktops, laptops, and even some cameras to be connected to one display and then uses the built-in KVM switch for both devices on the same mouse and the keyboard. This is great for streamers, or for people using a camp camera or laptop to dump camera footage, but edit it on a more convenient computer. The C43J890 is, therefore, a very flexible and usable display for a range of applications. A very nice blue light filter, as well as dedicated gaming mode, is also available for longer sessions or late night viewing.


The C43J890 is available for $ 900, which seems a lot, but it isn’t really too scandalous for such a monitor, especially when you look at the monitors that it can replace. We have seen these monitors so small as $ 750 if you hunt around online. But it should also drop a little longer after they have been out. Black Friday and cyber sales on this monitor are probably also going to include some good deals.

Final Thoughts And Rating

All in all, I believe Samsung hit the C43J890 out of the park. This is a great monitor if you want to replace some dual monitor setup, or if you want to upgrade to two monitors but don’t have the input of the GPU. The viewing experience is amazing and the angle only holds a full 180 hair. If you are looking for a functional, space-efficient workspace, or just want an immersive, cinematic experience for play and video, this is a monitor for you.

Comparable Monitors

If you’re not looking for this survey, you can find a few other options in the same ballpark. First of all, there’s the same Samsung CHG90, but it comes with a larger screen with some other features such as a 144 Hz refresh rate and FreeSync 2. You have the Phillips ‘ super-wide, 492P8, with the same size but a 5120-to-1440 resolution, if you want to leave Samsung. Promise Day Images 2019

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