Top 5 Best Electric Shavers 2019 Buyer’s Guide Full Review

Best Electric Shavers 2019

When you have lots of options on the market to choose a single product, it will be hard to choose. This is why the Top 5 Best Electric Shavers 2019 have been compiled by us. You can look at the best and choose the one that suits your face and skin type. There are lots out there, very few are nice to shave closely, while very few are good to shave conveniently. Who are you supposed to choose? Soon, we are going to figure it out!

When selecting an electric shaver, it is a very personal decision. To be honest, I can recommend no best electric raspberry. Before buying an electric shaver, some factors are to be considered. These factors are the nature, characteristics, style, design, and convenience of the shaver. It’s not an easy decision, therefore. From the shaving experience to comfort levels, our top ten list looks at the best electric shakers available. And this list helps you select the most suitable electric rasper. Before you make a purchase, I recommend you read our Electric Shaver Buying Guide below. You can also check out the reviews about Crossbow.

1. Braun Series 7 790CC – Rocking the market since 2010

Our first electric raspberry in this series comes from Braun, the German tech industry. The 7 series Braun has undoubtedly been the most popular series this company ever built and the 790cc model has always had the most sold rasher. It’s undoubtedly still the best electric raspberry on our list and number 1. Let’s go into the business now, Enough Praise.

In comparison to our line-up, the raster provides a remarkably narrow, smooth rasp. The 7 790cc series is quite different from other electric shavers. Three trimmers are on the face of this electrical shaver. The OptiFoil trimmer helps the Electric Ribs to cover more facial hair in lower strikes while the ActiveLift help to slice short and brown hairs. The OptiFoil trimmer can also be called the ” OptiFoil. ” This is a Pulsonic electric raspberry producing 10 000 micro-vibration in a minute, helping the raspberry capture more hair every stroke.

The Braun 790cc head is extremely flexible and can move quickly around your facial contours. The raster comes with a Cleaning and Charging Dock based on alcohol, which with one single button can kill 99 percent of germs. In addition, in this advanced electric shaver known as normal, intensive and extra sensitive, there are 3 customization modes available. Depending on the skin type and hair you can choose the way. Also, a trimmer is available to trim beards, mustaches, and sideburns.


2. Braun Series 9 9095CC – The latest launched electric shaver of Braun

The next one from the Braun is on our list. It is the latest ribbon series launched by Braun, and Braun 9095CC is our favorite model in this list. The raspberry is covered by all of the brilliant, cool chrome plastic! The only difference is that 9095cc contains one trimmer known as the ” Direct & Cut. ” This electric shaver works the same way as the above. This additional trimmer helps the raster to align and then cut the hair that waxes into different directions. In addition, the 790cc ActiveLift trimmer is replaced by a little more advanced HyperLift Trimmer which helps to remove the hair flats.

Braun 90,000 Cross-Cuttings per minute produces Pulsonic raspberry, don’t mix with the 10,000 micro vibrations of 790cc. It has a little closer shaft than 790cc, which is not that surprising. The Braun Series 9 9095cc also has all of its 790cc functions and is equipped with the Wet&Dry technology that helps the user use the raspberry on dry skin or with rivet gel for sensitive skin.

Including the Wet&Dry technology, which was missing in the above 790cc, the 99095 series has a number of great features. It includes an additional trimmer that helps to reduce the hair that grows in several directions. On the other hand, it’s all plastic and very expensive. The downside of this raster.

3. Panasonic ES-LV95 – Best Electric Shaver in Terms of Features and Value

Panasonic has made a name for itself in the electric shavers market by supplying some of the finest electric shavers possible. Although some might think that they’re a bit costly, they make it up for the price by offering superb performance and monetary value. The ES-LV81 was previously one of our favorite on the market electrical shavers but it was much better and upgraded by the ES-LV95.

Panasonic ‘s ES-LV95 is designed for guests who like to shave extremely clean and close. I know a lot of people say it’s a lot better manually shave, but this power rasher is here to change the game. After rashing, I realized that the rashing was very natural and extremely close, making up a skin which was smooth to the touch. Not to mention, it is super fast to Electric Shavers it with this shaver, which saves a lot of time. Furthermore, the rasher may be a little too harsh at the beginning for people with sensitive skin. Do not worry, however, because the skin adapts to the raspberry for various uses and this won’t be a problem.

In the light of how this electric rash is the flagship of Panasonic, a cleaning station is available for those who love it. After you have rasped and pushed the blades on the button, the cleaning station is used to remove all hair. It is super easy, and it is also very simple. However, a protective cover is provided for those who do not want to put the rasper in the cleansing station and, in addition, a leather traveling pouch is also provided. I have a few small grips with the otherwise superb Panasonic ES-LV95, apart from all the good things. First, the shaver can sometimes be loud, and it is perfect to compare the sound.

4. Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D – Best Rotary Shaver for Head and Beard

When it comes to Rotary shavers, Philips is the master. In this technology, no other brand can overcome Philips. The Philips Norelco Sensotouch 3D rotary screwdriver, which is good for both head and beard, will number 4 on our list. This is the comfortable rotating raspberries, which really sticks on your skin and moves around the contours of your face smoothly and effectively Electric Shavers closely.

The raspberry has three autonomous round foils in the head which sticks around the contours of your face. The swivel head of the raspberry helps all hair and stubbles reach. The foils can rotate, tilt and move up and down, which is a great feature to help you shave the head. For this reason, Bald guys are the best electric raspberry. The head of the rib is known as ” GyroFlex 3D, ” as it is capable of moving into three dimensions, a unique feature. In this electronic ribbon, ” Super Lift & Cut, ” similar to ActiveLift in Braun, and Lift-Tech in Panasonic, other amazing features are available. The hair on the neck and the jawline is helpful.

Overall, SensoTouch 3D is a sophisticated and superb rotary raspberry with the latest features from a raspberry system. It is quick and strong and provides convenient and narrow shaves. There are few downsides, but in our list, it was number 4.

5. Panasonic Arc 4 – Budget friendly and Close shaving provider

Once more Panasonic with a wonderful Arc 4 model. The Panasonic arch is almost the same but contains four blades on the head and the loading dock is not included. Like Arc 5, the model provides you with a very tight shave but lacks comfort at the same time.

All the features of Panasonic Arc 4 are provided by the latest Arc 5, it only lacks a single trimmer on its head and comes without a dock for cleaning and charging. The 4 blade system in this electric raster is sophisticated and sharp enough to offer you the closest rashing experience. The blades are extremely long lasting, sharp, and can swing in any direction at 30 degrees. It is also equipped with a powerful linear 14,000 CPM dual-action engine.

Otherwise, it provides a single charge 40 minutes of battery life while the rest provide a battery backup of 50 minutes. Furthermore, nothing much can be written about it, as I explained all the above features in Panasonic Arc 5. Kiss Day Images 2019

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